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NCA Training

NCA members receive discounts on various courses and services including:

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Environmental Training Course

This 16 Hour class is offered weekends throughout the year. It is a required course for all perc drycleaners located in New York State. This course and materials are offered in English, Korean and Spanish.
Member Price: $809.00
Non-Member Price: $1309.00

Basic Spotting 101

This is an entry level class designed to teach inexperienced or semi-experienced students the basics of stain removal. This is a perfect class for those that are interested in entering the dry cleaning business or for employers that are want to train or cross-training their current employees.

This class will cover:
Basic stain identification, Testing fabrics and dyes for serviceability. The proper and safe use of basic stain removal agents and "spotting" equipment The safe handling of fabrics Please note: The use of bleaching agents, digesters. and specialty chemicals will not be covered in this class. These topics will be presented during The Intermediate Stain Removal and Bleaching Class (scheduled February 24, 2013) and The Advanced Stain Removal and Intensive Bleaching Class (scheduled April 21, 2013). Spotting 101 and (or) industry experience is required for the intermediate and advanced classes. Please contact Alan for details. .
Member Price: $250.
Non-Member Price: $350.

Professional Wetcleaning

Designed for those who want to expand their skills in the safe use of wetcleaning technology. The use of detergents, conditioners and machinery and their
relationship in the processing of different fabric types.
Weekend class. One day,8 hours
Member Price: $250.
Non-Member Price $350.

5 Day Intensive Drycleaning and Stain Removal Course

A comprehensive course covering drycleaning, stain removal, bleaching and the proper use of stain removal equipment as well as the relevance of fabrics, dyes and garment construction. Offered in English and Korean
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 5 30 PM
Price: Members -$750.00
Non-member: $995.

Technical and Processing Training for CSRs
(Customer Service Representatives)

Providing customer service people with the basic technical information and skills needed to effectively communicate with the customer. Students will be able
to sell services and identify potential problems upon completion of the course.
Weekend class, One day, 7 hours.
Member Price: $250.
Non Member Price $350.