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Message from NCA

March 27, 2020

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March 24, 2020

We get it.


We know that you rely on dress shirts, career wear and ‘party’ clothes for your daily piece count. We know that as large gatherings were prohibited and office workers were encouraged to work from home, you were among the first service businesses to suffer the dire financial aftereffects. We feel your pain as you worry about protocols to handle the pieces you do get, to ensure the health and safety of both your employees and your customers. We understand that you were counting on spring cleaning to get you through the dog days of summer.


We really do get it.

There’s not much you can do to alter the way the world around us is changing. But there are things you can do to position yourself until we get to the other side of this.

1. Contact your landlord about your upcoming rent payment. Every major retail store is doing the same. Click here for a sample letter/email.

2. Suppliers.

a. Reach out to your suppliers and work out a plan of action with them regarding your bill.. Don’t dodge the issue. Your suppliers also have bills to pay and need a sense of how you are being impacted, so they can make their own business plans. When we get to the other side, they will look most favorably on those who behaved honorably at the start. Go here for a sample script.

b. Ask them about cleaning and sanitizing products they may have available to help you.

3. Contact your insurance broker. Ask what ‘grace’ periods carriers are offering. Also ask about filing a business interruption claim. Understand, the likelihood is that business interruption will NOT cover these losses, but your broker may work with you on filing a claim in the unlikely case that situation changes. Talk about your health, disability and workers compensation policies. These are payroll reliant and may need adjustment.

4. Contact your utilities – internet, phone, power, etc. Open the lines of communication, ask about grace periods and token payments. Don’t commit to a payment plan you can’t honor. Go here for sample script.

5. Your employees are worried too. Give them a letter explaining the situation to their landlords. Go here for two samples.

6. You have time. Contact your elected representatives. Go here for sample emails, scripts and letters. This is just the beginning of this crisis. Build contacts and relationships with not only the elected official, but the people in their office that can advocate for you now and in the future. There will be legislative proposals coming up that will impact you. Don’t wait. Start your outreach now.

7. Finally, use us. If you feel a need that you think we can help with – reach out to us. We’ll do our best for you